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Margaret & Co. was founded in 2019 to provide operational and strategic oversight to businesses by partnering with industry leaders and executives. To-date we have provided  consulting and coaching to businesses looking to improve their operational efficiency and maximize their profit. Utilizing a proven methodology for success, we work with clients as their thinking partners to inspire them and maximize their personal and business potential with clear and scalable results.

Margaret & Co. offers exceptional business growth and consulting services for our clients. We deliver first rate services through an exceptional caliber of scientific, technical, and creative excellence using business analysis and implementation strategies while quantifying the outcomes of those strategies.


The business lifecycle changes are a continuous process of problem solving, management issues, and activities that must be dealt with competently, immediately and head-on. When a problem or situation develops, our clients cannot procrastinate. Putting any issue on the back-burner is a postponement tactic rather than a solution. Decision making must be decisive and our clients understand the importance of taking immediate action to a situation if warranted.


Utilizing client-centric process improvements, we bring new ideas, operations, and business philosophy to the table to help our clients operate sufficiently and consistently to achieve their success. Our consultants study and understand all aspects of businesses allowing us to design and create strategies that best meet our clients goals.


We are committed to equality and justice and hire a diverse team, which allows for more perspectives, ideas and creative solutions for your business needs.

a Solution for your Business Needs.
Strategize. Organize. Scale.

WOSB Certification
PMP Seal
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